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EIT exam offers a complete online self-study review of the FE Exam / EIT Exam subjects and disciplines to help the student or Engineer-in-Training prepare for the FE exam. Site content is organized according to the NCEES FE Exam Handbook with questions arranged from easy to difficult to permit easy grasping of concepts. Detailed solutions and tutor help are provided along with the NCEES FE Exam Handbook equations.EIT exam contains supplemental review materials such as links to lectures and related content. EIT exam incorporates a database to save your work progress for future retrieval from any internet location. The site contains over 5,000 problems with over 7,000 pages of study materials with searchable indices. Access is unlimited.

Timed FE Exam Test Simulations with Scoring

EIT exam offers timed FE Exam tests with automatic grading and scoring. The student or Engineer-in-Training can select test durations from 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, to the full 4-hour session. Tests are composed of a randomly generated set of sample questions unique to each registered user. Completed tests are submitted for grading and can be reviewed with full access to detailed solutions and the NCEES Handbook equations. There is no limit to the number of exams a user can generate.Visit to shop for realistic, timed, discipline-specific FE Practice Exam products.

Timed Quizzes

EIT exam offers timed FE Exam quizzes to a student or Engineer-in-Training. Generate timed 10 sample question quizzes from the EIT exam's problem database in any subject or discipline. The quiz sample questions are randomly generated and unique to each user. Submitted quizzes are graded and can be reviewed with full access to detailed solutions and the NCEES Handbook equations. There is no limit to the number of quizzes a user can generate.

Quick Quizzes

EIT exam also offers preformatted, un-timed FE Exam quizzes that contain 10 sample questions and vary in complexity from; Easy, Average, to Difficult. The submitted quizzes are graded, with the resulting score compared to the cumulative average score, and cumulative score distribution of all participants. There is no limit to the number of times a user can access Quick Quizzes.

Practice Tests

EIT exam includes a general random test generator. A student or Engineer-in-Training can generate a practice FE Exam test of up to 150 random questions from the site's full database of problems. The tests are un-timed and contain some problems which are more difficult than what would normally be expected on the actual FE Exam. The tests can be saved for future retrieval to permit completion at a later date or to review test results. The NCEES Handbook equations are also available. There is no limit to the number of tests a user can generate.

Review Materials

EIT exam provides supplemental review materials to help the student or Engineer prepare for the FE Exam. Our materials include links to university lectures, tutorials, and other web-based content. Access to the materials is located under the pertinent review sections in our Study Guide. Visit for discipline-specific FE review and practice materials.

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